Packard Design


The Packard Design team is a seasoned and tested group of professionals comprised of architects, interior designers and consultants, who work together to ensure our clients’ needs are understood and met.

Iramis Audet Amy Powers Carey John Contant Keith A. DeRosa
Amee Dhoria Mark Glasser Allison Jones Kara Mazzotta
Laura McKinley Susan Packard Terri Spencer
apost-leftThe reasons I remain loyal and repeatedly return to the Packard Design team for our space needs are the people. They are talented, knowledgeable, attentive and dependable. Packard created beautiful space for us with strict budget constraints. Team members are very creative and passionate about the finished work product, always representing the best interest of their clients. The Packard Design team made my job much easier by providing valuable on the ground support for our project: A can do attitude by all.apost-right
Josette L. MarshDirector of IS/TechnologyPepper Hamilton