Packard Design Workplace Strategy

Workplace Strategy Consulting

Our design capabilities are complemented by significant workplace strategy experience. Workplaces today are more than physical locations for defined tasks. We assist organizations to implement and maintain work environments that promote sustainable gains in efficiency, productivity, and employee pride and loyalty.

Packard Design provides the following Workplace Strategy Consulting services:

  • Space occupancy, utilization and efficiency analysis
  • Alternative work environments and solutions consulting
  • Change management
  • Workplace protocols development
  • Benchmarking
  • Consensus building
  • Employee surveys
  • Continuous improvement programs
  • Strategic real estate analysis
  • Senior leadership presentations

apost-leftThe Packard Design team wholeheartedly embraced our relocation challenge and participated more as a virtual extension of my own staff than as an outside firm. This team has a can-do, figure out how to make it work within a tight budget and schedule, that is an attitude that was truly refreshing and always professional. They are fun, creative, know their stuff, and are clearly focused on client service and quality in execution. They were also very sensitive to the emotional impact that relocation can cause an existing firm that already has a lot of work to do. They essentially became surrogate employees to A123 and frequently communicated the plans for the new spaces and the timelines using story boards, 3D drawings, project schedules and enlisted key management on how to effectively communicate the plans to minimize confusion, anxiety and generate excitement about the move. It would be my pleasure to collaborate with this team again.apost-right
John PinhoPresidentNeoTech, LLC