Packard Design Workplace Strategy

Workplace Strategy Consulting

Our design capabilities are complemented by significant workplace strategy experience. Workplaces today are more than physical locations for defined tasks. We assist organizations to implement and maintain work environments that promote sustainable gains in efficiency, productivity, and employee pride and loyalty.

Packard Design provides the following Workplace Strategy Consulting services:

  • Space occupancy, utilization and efficiency analysis
  • Alternative work environments and solutions consulting
  • Change management
  • Workplace protocols development
  • Benchmarking
  • Consensus building
  • Employee surveys
  • Continuous improvement programs
  • Strategic real estate analysis
  • Senior leadership presentations

apost-leftPackard Design did a tremendous job taking a high level vision from iRobot Management for a brighter, more open and collaborative workplace that would energize the workforce and making it a reality. They worked with the various user groups to address the practical realities of making the requested renovations, while preserving the ultimate project objectives. They were flexible when needed as the vision evolved. The Packard team provided ideas, alternatives and recommendations to meet both our design requirements and our budget limitations while maintaining schedule.

As a result of the Packard team’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, the entire facility has been transformed. Our labs have been re-designed for more scalability and windows were installed in them so that employees, as well as visitors, could see all of the exciting work we do here. The addition of significant amounts of natural light, combined with a different color scheme, has completely altered the mood of the work environment. And, the open collaboration spaces, including a new Community Space, are drawing more employees together for professional and personal reasons, achieving our goal of spontaneous collaboration. The design Packard created for us truly delivered the vision we had.apost-right
Alison DeanExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial OfficeriRobot