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Akamai's Westford, MA Home

The Akamai Westford office incorporates workplace best practices. Since moving in, their staff has fully embraced the multitude of focused work, collaboration and socialization zones. The office layout keeps staff healthier by providing an abundance of light and encouraging them to move around and reset their postures often. It allows them to choose how to engage with their peers, and how to stay engaged in a personal working environment. Most importantly, Akamai has shown their staff that they are invested in their success.

Welcome to Boston, Acquia!

Packard Design is very excited to welcome Acquia to their new headquarters located in downtown Boston! The design includes an exposed building structure, unique branding elements, simple but elegant lighting, a bold color palette, and an open sit-to-stand benching system with both formal and informal meeting spaces located throughout. A variety of task oriented spaces were designed to provide working space away from the individual workstations. There are recharge areas, centralized community spaces, a learning zone, and a walking track.

Packard Design introduces High Liner Foods' New North American Headquarters

Packard Design is pleased to introduce High Liner Foods’ new North American Headquarters. An entirely new bright, modern and innovative workplace design was implemented featuring state-of-the-art Culinary Presentation Center, Test Kitchen and R&D facility. Amenities also include a Fitness Center, Patio, Community Space and a variety of open and enclosed collaboration spaces.

New Kronos Workspace

Watch Kronos' team discuss their exciting new high performance workplace, and see images of their new innovative space created by Packard Design.

Cambridge Associates- Global Headquarters Relocation

See Cambridge Associates' new global headquarters created by Packard Design, and hear the firm's leadership describe how the space represents their brand, improves collaboration and is filled with natural light.

apost-leftPackard Design is refreshing… Over my 20+ years of working with different architectural firms, on various types of projects, I have found a firm that truly gets it. They are not in it for the “portfolio piece”, or the recognition awards (although that often is a result of their fabulous designs), they are in it for the long term relationship and solid designs. Susan Packard has cherry picked the best of the best and has created a winning team that has diverse backgrounds and talents. They are very passionate about design and pushing the envelope if the right opportunity arises, but they listen to the needs of the client (function, budget, branding, etc) and design within those parameters.

I started my relationship with Packard Design only a couple of years ago and have used them on several projects across the country- ranging from our Corporate HQ expansion to a small center of excellence for one of our divisions. Their ability to consistently deliver a product that pushes the limits of our comfort zone in design and finishes, resulting in a space that the end users are very proud to call their home, has been unmatched by any firm I have used in my career to date. apost-right

Kristen (Ellis) MacDonaldSr. Director Global Real EstateNuance Communications, Inc.